If you are the victim of bullying, or a witness to it happening in your school, community, or online, please report it here.

Your email will be totally anonymous. Click on any of the following name for a direct link to email:


Daisy Fontanez, Principal Assigned

Joel Lowy, Assistant Principal

Laura Hindelong, Assistant Principal

Angela Skirianos, Dean

Denise Ortiz, Grade Guidance Counselor

Maiya Williams, Guidance Counselor







Take A Stand

Anti-Bullying Video

Del Oro Anti-Bullying Club

Running Time: 4:02

Organized by Samantha Harris and the Del Oro Anti-Bullying Club. 


NYC Teen

Latasha's Story

Running Time: 5:21 min

Latasha doesn't know what to do when Jazmin, the meanest girl in school, starts messing with her.

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